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Post by LIGERBOMBX on Mon Oct 24, 2016 2:15 pm

------ TRUE-1 PRO CAW Creation Guide ------

- Your CAW OVR must be 90 before abilities and allowed 92-95 after abilities.
- Absolutely NO! Stat Above 85 (CW-LHW have 90 in certain areas See below)
- Absolutely NO! Stat under 60
‚Äč- CW & LHW can 90 Max stat for: Aerial Off/Range/Spring Board/Movement/Agility
- Hit Point Ratio must be left default 25/25/25/25
- NO Super Heavyweight Allowed just yet
- Stats / Perks must be realistic to your CAW. If you have questions contact staff.
- Dirty Pin is Heels Only.
- Using Move Thief is not recommended (it's frowned upon if its not part of a gimmick)
- Spring Board PERK is for Cruiser and Light Heavyweight Only.
- All Abilities Capped at Level 2! (See below for exceptions)
- Allowable up to Level 3 - Ring Escape/Rope Break/Technician
- You are allowed 6 Abilities


Finishers are claimed on a first come first serve basis. To Claim or Add a finisher click the following link Signatures and Finishers Thread and be sure to use correct name and spelling for moves or they wont be accepted.

In addition Alternate animations (ie: GTS 1, GTS 2) of a move count as the move having been claimed. Moves that have been claimed are off limits until the following TRUE-1 Saga; UNLESS the wrestler releases their claim on the move.

BANNED MOVES: Corner Sister Abigail

------ CAW UPLOAD GUIDE ------

keep your CAW updated on the 2k Servers. Upload when there are changes in attire, moveset, attributes must be kept up to date for the staff for inspection. In addition you must always use the following #tags

It is imperative that if you are actively competing that you keep your CAW up to date for testing, and production purposes. Failure to do so can result in not being booked.

Your CAW can and will be subjected to random WELLNESS VIOLATION checks, and attempts to circumvent the stats cap will result in suspensions from Shows and Pay Per Views.

------ RULES ------

ABSOLUTLY NO SPAMMING! This includes spamming ground stomps and doing the same move over and over in a unrealistic fashion.

Glitch moves ARE NOT ALLOWED. This will not be tolerated. If you have a glitch move in your moveset or you get caught using glitch moves you will be pulled immediatly from bookings and put on automatic suspension usually leading to getting cut from the brand. We do not tolerate glitching or spamming.

RULE NUMBER 1!: The LIGERBOMB philosophy
The LIGERBOMB philosophy is an idea created to insure realistic match flow. And that philosphy is simply "Start Small, End Big". Meaning you want to start off with chain wrestling, basic strikes, wear down submissions and low impact moves in the early stages of a match. As the match builds you gradually move to HIGHER impact moves and eventually ending with a strong finish. NOW we dont want to discourage you from being creative with match storylines. If you and your oppenent have a heated rivaly and you want to come out the gate swinging, thats fine but keeping this idea in mind will push you to find new ways that are more realistic (other than throwing strong grapples right away). Also finishes ARE ALLOWED to end suddenly within the respected rules (cont. reading for more on these rules) so the ending wont always be BIG!. but after a great build and story in the ring that win will feel much more accomplished. start small, END BIG

(if you are unfamiliar with SIM style OR you need to brush up on how to play SIM check out this awesome video we found to help you get on board)

Pinning to Win -
You must have connected with a Finisher to pin your opponent with the intention of ending the match. Make sure to account for the lag during pin releases so that you do not accidentally end the match. If the match ends on an illegal pin, it must be immediately re-played.

Roll up pins to pin are allowed at anytime! and you MAY WIN on a roll up as long as the spot was well played.

Finisher Requirements -
You may hit your finisher at ANYTIME, HOWEVER Your opponent must have at least ONE FULLY RED LIMB OR BODY PART to pin for a win. This counts Arms, Legs, Chest, or Head. you can check this by holding the (R1) button down while you are within striking range of your opponent. Their Limb Damage Indicator will show up over their Heath Bar. It is suggested that you verbally confirm with your opponent that they see they have a Red body part or limb, so that there is no confusion.

Finisher Requirement #2 (If opponent kicked out of your finisher)
If you successfully connected with your finisher on a single red opponent and he has kicked out, you may now at your discretion use any HIGH IMPACT MOVE, ROLL UP PIN, OMG FINISHER/MOVE, or REGULAR FINISHER to end the match.

Submission Finishers
You may use a submission to end a match after you have connected with One Standard Finishers and attempted to pin your opponent and at least Two red limbs (unless your finisher is a submission then regular finisher rules apply)

*side note* The red limb and finisher rules were made to encourage a wider range of offensive moves and to prevent "Headhunting"

OMG Moments
OMG Moves can be used throughout the match, use them at your own discretion. OMG Moments do not count as a finisher and cannot be used to pin off of until you hit a normal finisher attempt.

Changing Your Signature or Finisher
Allowed 2 times (so pick carefully) They Must be approved by a Admin. To inquire about a finisher change please use private message, or Twitter.

Tag Team & Multi-Man Matches -
Multi-Man matches may end with a Quick Pn, Dirty Pin, Roll-up, or Move with Pinning Combination, as long as the person being pinned has been hit with a Finisher and Kicked Out of a Pin Attempt.

Winning and Losing
Matches are to be played SIM STYLE first and foremost. we like to encourage a competitive edge in the way of testing your SIM SKILLS against eachother and trading spots back and forth. you can adjust your story angle for matches in the MATCH PROMO FORUM

Rolling out the ring is only allowed 3 TIMES per match (with the exception of multi person matches)

Running away to refill an exhausted reversal meter is prohibited

------ Ranking system ------

We use a point system along with player activity to rank wrestlers

Activity points:
These points dont come in numbers but recognition. Grab the attention of our community (STAFF and Players) to get booked in bigger matches.

Point system:
two points for a victory, one point for a draw, and zero points for a loss

Submitting Roleplays & Matches, General Player Expectations

------ The PROMO Method ------

the PROMO Method is a formatting guide for Roleplays and other segments that keeps the overall style of each show consistent and easy to read. All written content needs to follow the PROMO Method.

The PROMO Method works as follows:
Actions, and Names are in Bold:
Actions Example: A.J walks down the ramp
Name Example: A.J: i am the champ that runs the camp

(If you need any help working with the PROMO please contact The front office.)

(Late Submissions will not be used) (deadlines for shows are posted on the calendar section of the site along the left side of the forum, and on our twitter page @true1pro

Event Roleplays and Matches should be submitted in the Development section of the site using the proper subsection, EVENT PROMOS (event thread will be created when show is announced), in a timely fashion. That is to say before the deadline, this year we will be much stricter on enforcing deadlines. If written content is not in on time it WILL NOT be used, if a match is not in on time it WILL NOT be used, and you will receive a punishment in the form of a rank reset or, if you are a repeat offender, a suspension. When you submit a match or Roleplay you should use the Morrison Method(see Below) in addition the name of the thread should be as such;

[Name of Show], [Date], [What this is]

Your Submitted Thread should look like the below.
ROADSHOW 2, Week of 12/12, E.j OKAMI Promo <-- Typical Event promo Submission

FINAL FORM, Week of 02/23, E.j Okami vs Jon Rhinehart <---- Typical Match promo Submission

For promos it would be appreciated if you posted where you would like the promo to appear on the card, REMEMBER, not everyone can open and close the show.

The Deadline for shows and PPV's will be posted on the card each week, so make sure to check it in case it has changed for any reason!

Reply's to promos are to be replied to the promo directly and not started in a new thread

------ Getting Booked In TRUE-1 ------

A common question in TRUE-1 for Rookies is "How do I get Booked?!". The process of booking is quite simple. In order to get noticed please post an introductory ROLEPLAY using THE PROMO METHOD!!! in the PROMO ROOM.This gives us an idea of your character and what you can bring to the table, this also opens you up for critique and guidance in how to begin your journey.

Being proactive assures us you are ready to be booked. posting content in the Promo forums, interacting in the CHAT ROOMS, (Dark Matches IE online) getting cleared for RULES and overall showing us that you are active. In this way you are the master of your own destiny in TRUE-1 it is all up to you!.

If writing isn't your forte or you aren't comfortable writing, you can always submit video content IE a hype video for your impending debut. Once again taking initiative is the only way to succeed in TRUE-1.

Lastly if you require help with character development you can ask around on the Forum, the Chat room or Staff.

------ Submitting Role-Plays & Matches ------

(Late Submissions will not be used) (deadlines for shows will be posted)

Event Roleplays and Matches should be submitted in the Submissions section of the site using the proper subsection before the deadline. If written content is not in on time it WILL effect your rank.

[Name of Show], [Date], [What this is]

Your Submitted Thread should look like the below.
Limitless 1, Week of 12/12, Mr Liger Promo

For promos it would be appreciated if you posted where you would like the promo to appear on the card, REMEMBER, not everyone can open and close the show.

If you need to record a match, but do not have a capture card, we have an alternative method which utilizes Twitch.tv streaming. Click Here for the Tutorial on the Twitch.tv stream rip method.

Also PS4 allows you to record up to 30 minutes of footage and upload it is several popular sites. Including Youtube and Dailymotion

Communication Requirements -
You are required to use KIK app available on all smart phones (ask for invite) and PS4 to stay in communication with your opponent. If you or your opponent happen to accidentally break a rule, inform them immediately. You don't wait till you lose, and you do not run to management a day or week later. You calmly and precisely inform your opponent of any issues, so that you both may work together to resolve them like adults, in a reasonable amount of time. If a resolution cannot be deemed, only then will management step in.

------ General Player Expectations ------

First and foremost, you have to understand that you HAVE TO PUT IN WHAT YOU HOPE TO GET OUT of this community. When you contribute, this community, and this hobby, really does give back. You'll make friends and gaming buddies, and you'll get to have a place to be creative, have fun, and kick asses.

Everyone has to contribute! If you're not writing, if you're not making an effort to be a part of the shows, you will not get booked on the show. Getting booked in matches is reserved for people who are making an effort to be on it.

If you are Main Eventing , you are expected to contribute Main Event content, in effort, quality and quantity. If you are wrestling on a show, you should have segments on that show. Build up to your match, make people want to see it, and have some consequences or aftermath if you can. A match is an opportunity for a story, no matter how big or small, do not pass on that opportunity.

If you have skills that could help in other aspects of the TRUE-1, tell somebody, offer those skills up, contribute. chances are the fed could use it.

Make sure you are getting in touch with your opponents within a reasonable amount of time. Everyone here has jobs, lives, significant others, children etc, RESPECT EACH OTHER'S TIME. If you see you are booked against someone, reach out immediately and start scheduling a time for the match that works for both of you. We have players from a number of different countries, so time frames, especially during the week, do not always match up. Leave no room for last minute error.

If you have recorded a match, get that match edited and uploaded through something like Dropbox and submitted. Downloading and uploading a match takes the staff time. Putting a show together takes a lot of time. RESPECT THE STAFF'S TIME. Getting these things done within a reasonable time frame will allow us to correct any errors or mistakes that might come up.

Stay TRUE. and have fun

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